USO Holiday Tour For Troops - Dec 2000

Cutting a rug with Admiral Gregory Johnson, the Commander of the 6th Fleeton deck of the aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman, at sea off the coast of Naples, Italy. Photo by Robert D. Ward
Performing for the troops at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo with Jewel. Photo by Robert D. Ward
One last song for the Troops in Kosovo. L-R William Cohen (Secretary of Defense) and wife Janet, Ty Murray (Champion Rodeo Cowboy), Jewel (singer), Howard (Buck) McKeon (California Congressman), Jerry Bruckheimer (film producer), David L. Hobson (Ohio Congressman), Terry Bradshaw (football star)Susan Collins (Maine Senator), Shane Minor (country singer), Carole King, Mike Singletary (football star), Ruth Pointer-Sayles (singer), Al Rascone (Medal of Honor recipient) and two Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Photo
On the plane, Rudy Guess throws a spiral to...  Photo by CKP
NFL Hall of Fame QB Terry Bradshaw! Photo by CKP
Rudy Guess. Carole King USO Tour. Photo by CKP
Carole King USO Tour. Photo by CKP