Ace Records/Ace UK

Release date: 

March 26, 2012

Something Good: From The Goffin & King Songbook


The American Breed, Primary Artist
Dave Appell, Producer
Peter Asher, Quotation Author
Chet Atkins, Producer
Malcolm Baumgart, Photo Courtesy
The Byrds, Primary Artist
The Chiffons, Primary Artist
The Cookies, Primary Artist
Skeeter Davis, Primary Artist
Dion, Primary Artist
The Drifters, Primary Artist
Earl-Jean, Primary Artist
The Eccentrics, Primary Artist
Ken Emerson, Quotation Author
The Everly Brothers, Primary Artist
Ernie Freeman, Arranger
Billy Fury, Primary Artist
Snuff Garrett, Producer
Leroy Glover, Arranger/Conductor
Gerry Goffin, Composer/Producer/Quotation Author
Jack Gold, Producer
Bobby Goldsboro, Primary Artist
Lesley Gore, Primary Artist
Hy Grill, Producer
Jimmie Haskell, Director
Big Dee Irwin, Primary Artist
Quincy Jones, Producer
Bill Justis, Arranger/Conductor
Al Kasha, Producer
Jack Keller, Producer
Carole King, Arranger/Composer/Conductor/Quotation Author
Don Kirshner, Supervisor
Peter Lerner, Memorabilia
Little Eva, Primary Artist
Alan Lorber, Arranger/Conductor
The Mad Lads, Primary Artist
Kal Mann, Producer
Tobin Matthews, Primary Artist
The Monkees, Primary Artist
Rick Nelson, Primary Artist
Michael Nesmith, Composer/Producer
Colm O'Brien, Memorabilia
Claus Ogerman, Arranger/Conductor
Tony Orlando, Primary Artist/Quotation Author
Mick Patrick, Liner Notes/Memorabilia/Photo Courtesy
Ivor Raymonde, Director
Nick Robbins, Mastering
Tony Rounce, Liner Notes/Memorabilia/Photo Courtesy
Gene Schwartz, Producer
Freddie Scott, Primary Artist
Dee Dee Sharp, Primary Artist
Garry Sherman, Arranger
Bunny Sigler, Primary Artist
Jim Stewart, Producer
The Tokens, Primary Artist
Bill Traut, Supervisor
Gary Usher, Producer
Bobby Vee, Primary Artist
Cynthia Weil, Quotation Author
Lenny Welch, Primary Artist
Teachco Wilshire, Arranger/Conductor
Jimmy Wisner, Arranger
Eric Charge, Photo Courtesy
Trevor Churchill, Memorabilia
Paul Jeffrey, Package Design
Peter Lerner, Memorabilia