With You in Your Dreams


With You in Your Dreams

Track artist: 

Sherry Goffin Kondor


Let me hold you in my arms
Sing you softly off to sleep
If you should wake up in the night
I promise you my heart to keep

I will give you love enough
To take you safely through the night
From now until the sun comes up
Everything will be all right

Past the clouds and back again
Out there where the stars begin
You can travel far away
And still come back to me

You don't have to be afraid
One by one your fears will fade
Close your eyes and drift away
I'm with you in your dreams

When you're lying in your bed
Wrapped in love and all that means
A place to put your weary head
That is what I'll be
With you in your dreams

� 2001 Lushmole Music (BMI), Ocean Bound Music, DBA Island Winds Music, c/o Windswept Pacific (BMI), Greg Wells Music (BMI)

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