Gerry Goffin and Carole King


Well, you're the apple of my eye
Oh, you're sweet as sugar pie
Love to snuggle like a bug in a rug
Without you I would die
I love the way you walk
And I love to hear you talk
'Cause you're my one and only Little Miss Happiness

Well, you're the queen of all the teens
When I'm with you it seems
I wanna hug and kiss you tenderly
And always treat you right
'Cause you're my every scheme
And you're my one and only dream
You're my one and only Little Miss Happiness

When you're with me I'm a king
King of your lips, oh, your everything
And you're the queen that's by my throne
And I'm gonna take you for my own
'Cause you're my sunshine every day
You're my light when things seem gray
You're a dream and you know you're my queen
And once more can I sing it
You're the answer to my prayer
And everyone is well aware
You're my one and only Little Miss Happi-
Can't forget my Little Miss Happi-
Always love my Little Miss Happiness

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