Carole King visited the nation's Capitol alongside Representative Carolyn Maloney to urge lawmakers to pass legislation protecting the Northern Rockies.  Reported by The HIll.

MIke Garrity, executive director of the Alliance of the Wild Rockies and Carole King have written an Op-Ed piece published in the New York Times regarding the threat of the logging, mining and development of the Northern Rockies.  Mike and Carole have been advocates of preserving the Northern Rockies for decades.

Carole said, "I have put my heart and soul into this legislation for nearly 30 years.  I've been fortunate enough to work with a great group of people.  Won't you join us in becoming an advocate for the Northern Rockies Ecosystem?"

Paul Zollo, Carole King, Louise Goffin

The Great Song Adventure has made an impact in a short time, as listeners have enjoyed the intimacy of the interviews, as well as the deep knowledge and love of the history, and getting the record straight. As songwriters themselves, Louise Goffin and Paul Zollo speak the language of musicians, and their talks are always informed, in-depth and warmly intimate.

Carole King surprised the audience and performed with the cast of "Beautiful: The Carole King Musical" as they celebrated the 5th anniversary of "Beautiful" on Broadway. 

Gayle King sat down with Carole for an interview on the set of the hit show on January 12, 2019, exactly 5 years from the very first performance.  The interview can be watched now at CBS Sunday Morning.

Carole King has returned to the studio where she made Tapestry in 1971 to record “One (2018)" as a message for the midterm elections.  Carole, in her first new recording since 2011, was inspired to re-write the lyrics to her song “One” (originally on her 1977 album 'Simple Things') to reflect her dream for America on November 7th:  “Love won.”

Broadway celebrated the 2000th performance of "Beautiful: the Carole King Musical" on Wednesday, Oct 24, 2018, and there sure was some magic in the air!


More than two decades ago, Carole King and Elvis Costello kept bumping into each in a Manhattan restaurant sharing interests, music and food.  Their meetings developed into a friendship and collaboration of a song "Burnt Sugar Is So Bitter" which has up to now, only existed as a demo, although Costello performed it live on several occasions. 

Television audiences were given a taste of Broadway's best when the company of the hit show Beautiful:The Carole King Musical  performed live on the NBC hit series  'America's Got Talent'.  

Broadway star Abby Mueller led the cast in a medley of Carole's iconic songs and presented the rousing finale, "I Feel The Earth Move" to most ethusiastic audience. 

Melissa Benoist and the cast of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical  were surprised when Carole King appeared at the curtain call and performed "I Feel The Earth Move" with the cast and orchestra. 

Carole said she had heard such great things about Melissa's performance that she had to come in from her home in Idaho and see for herself.  After performing with the cast, Carole and her daughter Sherry Goffin Kondor talked about the experience. 

Abby Mueller will return to the title role of the hit musical Beautiful: The Carole King Musical  beginning August 7 at the Stephen Sondheim Theater.  Current star, Melissa Benoist will play her final performance in the musical on August 4.