July 2004

BOSTON MA - Carole King took the stage at the Democratic National Convention prior to Senator John Kerry's acceptance as the Democratic nominee in the Presidential campaign.

Carole was accompanied onstage at the Fleet Center in Boston by her Living Room Tour cohorts, guitarist and musical director Rudy Guess and award-winning songwriter/vocalist Gary Burr. The convention program was carried live in it's entirety on both CNN and C-SPAN. For additional information on John Kerry go to:

LOS ANGELES, CA - Carole King: The Living Room Tour  was a return to honesty and basics with an intimate production reminiscent of her earliest performances as a singer/songwriter. King's first concert tour in over a decade was inspired by the simplicity of the shows King performed in living rooms and small venues around the country this year in support of Presidential candidate John Kerry. However, for this tour, it was all about the music.

BOSTON, MA - Lifetime Television and Rock the Vote hosted a Late Night Party, "Every Woman Counts," at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston, in conjunction with the Democratic National Convention.

Entertainment for the event was provided by Carole King and Vanessa Carlton who performed separately and together for the first time. The focus of the event was to celebrate and inspire women to vote and also to run for public office.

LOS ANGELES, CA - The set list on Carole King's Living Room Tour  was very fluid. King's first concert tour in over a decade was an intimate production, a showcase for songs and songwriting that included a new song written, or at least begun, on stage each night by King, her guitarist/ musical director/ producer, Rudy Guess and one of Carole's favorite co-writers, award-winning songwriter, Gary Burr. Changing nightly, her set list reflected what King and her musical accompanists felt like performing that day.

LOS ANGELES, CA - An the eve of her upcoming concert tour, Carole King was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on CNN, July 12, 2009 at 5:45pm Eastern time.

In addition to preparing for the tour, King performed and campaigned for Presidential candidate John Kerry and is also active with current environmental issues.

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