August 2008

Hollywood, CA - In 2006, Carole King was invited by legendary songwriter and producer Brian Wilson to his recording studio. These sessions turned out to be the early days of recording his new album, "That Old Lucky Sun," which eventually took him back into the Capitol Recording studios.

Studio City, CA - As we mentioned in July, PBS Public Television debuted Carole King's 'Welcome to My Living Room' concert in early August.

Studio City, CA - All of us at were saddened to hear of the passing of music legend Jerry Wexler. Not only did Jerry coin the term "Rhythm and Blues," but he was also integral in signing such musical legends as Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin and Dusty Springfied.

Carole King said of him, "Jerry Wexler changed musical history, he changed the world, and he certainly changed my life--all for the better."