September 2012

Carole King appeared on Current TV's wildly popular show 'Joy Behar: Say Anything!' on September 27, 2012. 

Carole and host Joy Behar shared memories of their classmate Paul Simon at Queens College and reflected on how growing up in Brooklyn helped them succeed as artists.

Joy Behar is an Emmy® award winning talk show host.  One of TV's most irreverent and outspoken personalities, Joy takes on social issues and relevant topics that impact the American culture and spirit of the times. 

This cause means alot to me, personally.  Please take action.

Unfortunately, the threat of more roundups continues in 2012. 

Learn more about how you can lend your voice to speak out against BLM roundups by visiting the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign.

MDA SHOW of STRENGTH continued MDA’s Labor Day weekend tradition in a three-hour prime-time broadcast special which aired on Sunday, Sept. 2,  8 p.m. ET, 7 p.m. CT.

The show included entertaining performances, celebrity appearances and inspirational “stories of strength” about families affected by muscular dystrophy and related diseases.