Carole Takes a Break From Concert Tour to Campaign for Democrats in Idaho

Boise, ID - Right in the midst of her first concert tour in over a decade, Carole King took a break from her performing schedule on August 9, 2004 to jump onto another "tour" of primary (so to speak) importance.

King has spent much of her time stumping around her typically Republican home state of Idaho, speaking at picnics, brunches, meetings and fundraisers in support of John Kerry, John Edwards, and local Democratic candidates.

She returned to "the road" to perform in her three remaining concert dates on August 19th, 20th and 21st, and then she immediately returned to "the trail" to resume campaigning in Idaho through the end of the month. "As I campaign for Kerry and Edwards around my home state, I'm finding a great deal of interest in John Kerry and John Edwards among voters who typically identify themselves as Independents and Republicans," King commented. "I'm here mostly to tell folks what I know about the candidates and encourage them to vote for the person, rather than for a party."

Although King planned to campaign around the country until Election Day on behalf of the Kerry/Edwards ticket, she chose to keep her Living Room Tour performances nonpartisan.