Carole King Performs at National Vigil for Victims of Gun Violence

Carole King was one of several performers at the National Vigil for Victims of Gun Violence on Thursday, December 12th. 

On the cusp of the one-year anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, The Newtown Foundation and Washington National Cathedral hosted a vigil service of mourning and loving remembrance for all who have fallen victim to the ongoing gun violence in America.  The vigil included a performance by the World Children's Choir, special guests, dignitaries and leaders from across the country in honoring the more than 30,000 Americans who have died from gun violence since the Newtown shooting. 

Monty Frank of the Newtown Action Alliance said. “The response to the vigil has been tremendous.”

A live stream of the vigil began around 3:40 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Thursday and was available here.