Carole King's Midterm Dream is "One (2018)", New Video From Tapestry Studio

Carole King has returned to the studio where she made Tapestry in 1971 to record “One (2018)" as a message for the midterm elections.  Carole, in her first new recording since 2011, was inspired to re-write the lyrics to her song “One” (originally on her 1977 album 'Simple Things') to reflect her dream for America on November 7th:  “Love won.”

Carole says of the coming midterm elections: “I live in a red state. Many of my neighbors are Trump voters. I’ve noticed over the years that when someone in the community is in need, neighbors with only two dollars in their pocket will give a dollar to help out.   As I watch the leader of our country dividing us with rhetoric that elicits fear and hatred and emboldens some of his supporters to commit acts of violence, I believe that most of us across party lines have the capacity for compassion.  I believe that most of us care about our neighbors, and that most of us want Love to win.   I see ”One (2018)” as an antidote to fear, hatred, and violence.  I hope the song will empower everyone who hears it to know that he or she can make a difference."

Carole's Story of “One (2018):

I was going to play a few songs at a women’s luncheon at which nine female candidates would introduce themselves.   I kept thinking about the song “One” for which I had written both music and lyrics in 1977. It’s a song about wondering what we can do when we see injustice, and it expresses my long held belief that we - all of us humans - are most effective when we come together as “One” and stand up for our values such as dignity, inclusivity, equality of opportunity, and caring for our most vulnerable neighbors. Drawn to the piano like pins to a magnet, I was inspired to write some new lyrics for the last chorus to reflect my feelings about the 2018 election.   And then I wanted to record it.

My manager quickly booked Studio B at Henson Recording Studios.  Studio B at A & M (as the studio was known in the 1970s) was where I recorded most of Tapestry.

Studio B was still intensely magical for me on that October Saturday when I recorded “One 2018.”  More details about that later.  Meanwhile, I’m releasing the recording (a) for the sheer joy of sharing it, and (b) in the hope of inspiring more people to participate actively in the coming election by voting and bringing other people who value humanity, truth, and love above fear, lies, and hatred.

Here is Carole King the way you want to see her, playing alone at a piano, singing her heart out with an uplifting, empowering message.

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"One (2018)" is now available!